Helping the under 25s

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For Parents

School or Educational Trips

For parents

If you have a child attending a Highland school we can assist with the costs of a school trip.  Current maximum grants are £150 for a trip within the UK, and £300 for an overseas trip.  Only one trip per year will be supported.

Educational items for children with special needs

We may help in special circumstances towards the cost of educational equipment for children who have special educational needs.  The amount awarded will depend on individual circumstances.

Attendance at Feis

If your child wishes to attend a local feis in the Highlands, a grant up to £150 may be awarded for attendance for one week per year.

Children walking in the Highlands

Family Holidays

Where a family would not normally be able to have a holiday, The Trust can assist the children of a family (accompanied by an adult) to have one holiday in the UK in a two year period.  The application must be supported by the family doctor or social worker.  The current maximum grant is £350.