Helping the under 25s

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For Students & Young People

You must be 25 or under and preferably resident in the Highlands to qualify for assistance from The Trust.

Residence may be permanent or for the duration of a prolonged course of study.

Student Hardship Funding

Student playing guitarIf you are at college or university and finding it hard to manage financially, the Trust may be able to help.  Provided family income does not exceed a certain level, current grants available are £1,000 per year, and £1,500 for a final year student.  Applicants must enclose a copy of the letter from the awarding Authority, allocating or rejecting their grant/bursary application.  Any student entitled to apply for a loan under the Student Loans Scheme must have taken up this option before an application to this Trust will be considered.


Expedition grants

If you want to go on an expedition for the purposes of exploration, geographical, geological, or other research, or demonstrable personal development, or overseas study, the Trust may be able to help with some of the costs of the proposed expedition.  The current maximum grant available is £500 per person per trip, and no more than three applications will be considered for the same trip.


We may also be able to help you with:
  • Getting a job , including the payment of any necessary travelling expenses or the cost of temporary accommodation and the cost of any training or apprenticeship;
  • Setting you up in business;
  • Finding a home for you after your full-time education or apprenticeship is completed.

If you wish to apply in any of these three circumstances please complete the contact us form on this website